While studying my undergraduate degree in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art I focused primarily on medical art. I had the amazing opportunity to draw from the dissected cadavers at Edinburgh Medical School - an institute rich with history and well known for it's pioneering alumni. These trips became the highlight of my week.

Anyone who has visited Edinburgh is probably aware of its darker history, the tales of serial killers Burke and Hare are retold and remembered in many ways: they can be seen in dungeon tours, Burke's skeleton can be found in the universities anatomical museum, even a strip club has adopted their famous names. This story always fascinated me, it was the first true crime case I became interested in. From there I began researching other true crime cases, podcasts like Serial, Generation Why and My Favourite Murder became my go to listening while I worked.

I chose to do my postgraduate in Forensic Art and Facial Identification at Dundee University (CAHID) where I learned facial reconstruction, age progression and craniofacial superimposition. I now work as a freelance illustrator and forensic artist, combining my love of creating art with my passion for forensic science. 

"It’s not gruesome, except they’re all dead"
-Georgia Hardstark

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